• Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values

    Our Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values

    We believe it’s important to know who you are and what you stand for.

    So our Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values (known as the ‘PVMV’) were carefully crafted in-house to define our place in the world, explain what we do, what we aspire to, and the rules we live by. Take a look.


    We inspire people - individuals, families, schools, teams, groups, companies and communities – of any age, in any city or country.?

    We want that inspiration to come from reading, watching, listening to and participating in record-breaking.?

    We don’t define or recognise success in a conventional or limited way and so draw upon the entire range of superlatives to help people realise their potential and to re-examine the world.


    To make the amazing official.


    To be the ultimate global authority on record-breaking.

    That means we research, measure, document and authorise the world’s superlatives, from which we create world class products that entertain, inform and inspire people through our unique window on the world.


    Integrity: of our records, assessing claims with objectivity and enthusiasm and free from prejudice or bias. This integrity extends to our people, the way we act, the way we do business and the way we make decisions.?

    Respect: for our record holders and challengers, our brand, our people, our business partners and our owner.?

    Inclusiveness: we believe in offering record breaking for everyone, everywhere.?

    Passion: in our enthusiasm about records and record holders, our brand and purpose, our people, and how we demonstrate that in our work and to our customers.