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    Record-Breaking Business Marketing Ideas

    What does it mean to call your business a record-breaking organisation? We work with brands, agencies and businesses to validate extraordinary achievements that create headlines, produce long-lasting memories and deliver impactful marketing solutions with a wide audience reach – all through a globally recognised and trusted certification process.

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    Our Products and Services

    We offer expert advice on record-breaking and a range of products and services that help maximise awareness of your record attempt and enhance the event experience.

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    Employee Engagement

    Employee engagement strategies

    Over the years, we’ve turned our attention to the corporate world–designing and delivering unforgettable tailored events for meetings and conferences, and providing innovative employee engagement programmes.

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    GWR LIVE! at Brighton Marina Mall

    Experiential marketing campaigns

    We can convert almost any space into the ultimate entertainment hub. We work with clients to deliver the ultimate record-breaking event and provide live record-breaking experiences and publicity stunt ideas for a wide variety of locations, from town squares to trade shows or shopping centres.

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    Achieving a Guinness World Records title has helped LG Electronics creatively demonstrate the reduced vibrations offered by the Centum System Washing Machine and clearly prove the product’s differentiated and advanced technology.?

    — Huiwon Kwon, Manager of HA Marketing Communication Division at LG Electronics

    Not only did we set a Guinness World Records title for the?Largest item unboxed, we set the record for the most-watched film from Volvo Trucks North America.?

    — Magnus Koeck, VP of Marketing and Brand Management at Volvo Trucks North America

    Breaking the Guinness World Records title for the?Most people holding the abdominal plank position?has been an icing in the cake by giving women a feeling of community achievement. We hope this inspires women to always believe in themselves, work on their core strength and to live the philosophy of our Do You campaign.?

    — Abhishek Ganguly, Managing Director at Puma India